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Google Certified Educator (Level 1)

I finally made the plunge! During Google's PD Week, I registered to take the Level 1 Exam, and earlier this week I passed the test! For the next 3 years, I'm officially a Level 1 Google for Education Certified Educator! 😎

The test was a challenge but I feel better about using G-Suite products and the test forced me to think about different ways of using those tools. I'd like to take the Level 2 exam and eventually become a trainer! I'm taking the time this summer to add to my toolbox and become proficient at things that will make me more marketable. 
I've been teaching since 2009 and as I approach the 10-year mark, I realize that I need to challenge myself in new ways. I've signed up for a Web Developer Bootcamp through Udemy, I purchased a boxing membership, and I've added a few new books to my summer reading list. I think I've gotten too comfortable, so at 31 years old, I've got to reinvent myself a little bit and I think Google is a great starti…

1st Father's Day

This was my first Father's Day as an actual father! Prestin is a little over 3 months old now, so we're starting to be more adventurous and taking him out to different restaurants and so far he's been awesome! I'm thankful that I have a great son, a great wife and a great family (on both sides) to support us!

When I pause to reflect on things, I can't imagine a father not wanting to be involved with his son or daughter. It doesn't make sense to me, and yet SO many people do it. Absent fathers and absent mothers just don't make any sense. My son has grown so much these past 3 months and I can't imagine not being a part of it. The math part in me wants to survey absentee parents and try to get to an understanding of why they behave the way that they do.

Then the other part in me kicks in and realizes that MY understanding of THEIR behavior won't change them! I can do case study after case study but I don't really see the benefit of understanding t…