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Georgia Educators Technology Conference 2016

I went to #GaETC for the 1st time this week. It was a great experience! Learn more about it here:

I learned a bunch of new things. @coolcatteacher told everyone to focus on 3 things. All the technology, apps, and hardware can be overwhelming. She reminded us to just hone in on a few key takeaways and let the chips fall where they may!

This year, I will focus on Google Cardboard, Google Sites, and Google Drive Add-ons & Extensions.

  1. Google Cardboard: Great session from @TeamBorders and @SuzanneLaisney. Google Cardboard = VR learning for students. The expensive sets don't do anything different compared to the inexpensive sets. I fund raised through our parents and purchased a class set of kits from and they seem to be working just fine. Some great apps to use with Cardboard are the New York Times Virtual Reality App, Bubbli, Nearpod VR, YouTube 360 and Google Expeditions. I'm going to tinker with Google Expeditions and the New York Times Virtual Reality App. I'll let you know how that goes. 

  2. Google Sites: Great session from Mr. Daniel Riviera over at Georgia Southern University. Seems like Sites is getting a complete overhaul in 2018 and an update should be coming in the next couple of days as well. My biggest moment was realizing that I can update Google Drive files and they AUTOMATICALLY update on my site as well! That's great. The frustrating element about managing a website is actively updating the content. Now, with Google Sites, the updating process is a whole lot easier. Seamless. Also, there's more functionality with Calendar and reminders so I'm going to spend a lot of time with Sites here in the next couple of months.

  3. Google Drive Add-Ons: There's so much to talk about with this, and there are probably a lot more out there that I'm not even aware of. Great presentation from @crafty184. For math teachers, there's an add-on called gmath. Gmath allows you to create equations, graphs, stats displays, and math quizzes to insert into Docs or Sheets without all of the formatting issues. Secondly, Drive Migrator allows you to move all of your google files to another Google Account. Suppose you got a promotion, or got a job in another position. You can take all of your files with you and keep them in your personal gmail account or switch to your employers gmail account. You don't even need a flash drive anymore. Doc-to-Form allows you to create a Google Form Quiz out of a Google Doc. Just highlight the text, click over and keep it moving. For my ELA teachers there's Gradeproof. This add-on will proofread the text for you and will correct spelling, grammar, and phrasing! Lol...There's so much out there, it's getting to be ridiculous.  

That's why I'm going to focus on 3. I got to have a specialty so next year, I can be the one facilitating a workshop! :)

Check out this work from @TheSketchEffect. Dope sketch notes!


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