Sunday, July 24, 2016

EdCamp Experience

Recently, I attended Edcamp Fayette and I really enjoyed myself. For those who've never been to one, Edcamp is, "an organic, participant-driven professional learning experience. A community created by educators, for educators. The leading edge of professional development in education."

Teachers and administrators come together to organize meaningful professional development. Everyone in attendance gained something from the Edcamp. Usually with professional development, you are presented with information you already know and you walk away from the meeting frustrated at having wasted valuable time. Edcamp doesn't offer you the typical PD experience so it doesn't come across as unnecessary professional development.

The organizers pride themselves on calling it an unconference, and it was one of the best professional development sessions that I've ever been apart of. Once you arrive, you can select the sessions that you want to attend. Since all of them are organized by teachers, the sessions are all topics and concepts that both teachers and administrators can learn from.

I attended sessions on BreakoutEdu, Financial Planning for Teachers and All three were great and all three were beneficial to my growth and development as an educator.

I encourage all of you to attend an Edcamp. Here is the site with a calendar of their upcoming events:

Here is a video explaining the concept of Edcamp in two minutes:

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