Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sesame Street = TRUTH!!

Earlier this week, Sesame Street announced that they would introduce a new character named, Julia, that has autism. According to NPR, "For over a year now, Sesame Street has been working with organizations such as Autism Speaks and Autism Self Advocacy to help reduce the stigma associated with autism spectrum disorder." Read NPR - Sesame Street Article if you want to know a little bit more about this. 

I think this is a great move for Sesame Street but also a great move for young children and their parents as well. Too often, autistic children get dismissed as unruly, or rude or etc. This campaign brings awareness to a situation that gets INTENTIONALLY overlooked. 

What's great about this, is that Sesame Street is known for bringing up social issues. I don't know if they've always been socially conscious but they're known for integrating characters on the show that have their own unique set of challenges that they've had to overcome. 

DID YOU KNOW: That in South Africa, Sesame Street introduced a puppet named, Kami that is HIV positive???

DID YOU KNOW: That Big Bird and other characters on the show taught children how to cope with death/loss??

DID YOU KNOW: That they have a muppet named, Lily, that suffers from food insecurity in an effort to highlight global poverty and food shortage??

SESAME STREET =  TRUTH!! What other show INTENTIONALLY and PROGRESSIVELY tackles difficult issues like this to raise awareness in our children??

Go ahead and support the show, whether you have children or not. You'll be a lot wiser for it.  

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