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Breakfast for Teachers!!

     What do teachers eat for breakfast? How often do they eat breakfast? Which group of teachers eat breakfast the most? Do they eat a savory breakfast or a bootleg one? Does breakfast food depend on the content they teach? Are ELA & literacy folk more prone to donuts or are the Social Studies people? What about the electives/connections teachers? What do they eat? They seem to always have time to eat. HAHA! J/K

     Surprisingly, there isn't a whole lot of data concerning what teachers eat for breakfast. As a math teacher, I like to support things I say with data, but there just isn't a whole lot of data on the subject. Plenty of studies on children and eating, or adults and obesity but NOT MUCH TO SAY on the eating habits of educators. Every teacher knows that the quickest way to an educator's heart is through food and dry-erase markers!! But, I would say the eating habits of educators are JUST AS IMPORTANT if not more important than the eating habits of our students.

     Teachers cycle through the day just like students do, and each teacher is unique. I'm a morning person, so my 1st and 2nd periods get PREMIUM MATH INSTRUCTION!! By the time I get to 5th & 6th period, I give em whatever I got left!! Lol...for some it may be the other way around. All of my NOT-morning people may teach their best in the afternoon, but I guarantee that the energy teachers have for the day is in direct relation to the food they eat. That's why it's critical to collect some data on this matter, because I think that could be a small way to promote growth and achievement in our students is to ensure and protect the physical health of our teachers!!

     I eat breakfast about 2-3 times a week, and I usually pack lunch. The type of breakfast I eat depends on what type of mood I'm in. Lol. Eggs, bacon, sausage and toast USUALLY happens on a Monday morning. I think we all can use God and a little protein on Mondays! Haha! The rest of the week varies. It could be oatmeal. Could be cereal. My wife buys those Fiber One bars so it could be one of those. Burger King and Mcdonald's are close by so I could possibly slide through and order a #1 with orange juice and strawberry jelly.

     All of those different breakfast foods provide the energy that I need to fully function for the day and all of it DEFINITELY plays a role in how effective we are in our classrooms. McDonald's just started 24/hour breakfast so I can only imagine what type of effect that will have on not only teachers, but students and their parents as well. I'm going to collect some data on this, so PLEASE COMPLETE THE SURVEY!! Maybe I can use this as my doctoral thesis one day. Who knows!!


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