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Classrooms are no longer SAFE

In light of recent events in South Carolina, New Jersey and even here in Georgia, it's very clear that our classrooms and schools aren't safe anymore. According to Every Town Research, "Since 2013, there have been 153 school shootings in America, an average of nearly one a week." SMH

It's not safe to be a teacher OR a student anymore. The danger isn't even limited to elementary, middle or high schools. Colleges/Universities get it too. Public or Private, it doesn't matter. 
How can we protect ourselves? Should we arm teachers? School districts in Missouri, Colorado and other states are taking measures to protect teachers. According to this article in the Huffington Post - Missouri Teachers Conceal Weapons, "For a $17,500 fee....teachers are required to spend five hours in a classroom and 35 hours on the range with the required firearm, a Glock 19 semi-automatic pistol." 
School handbooks, policies and guidelines aren't being followed consist…

Sesame Street = TRUTH!!

Earlier this week, Sesame Street announced that they would introduce a new character named, Julia, that has autism. According to NPR, "For over a year now, Sesame Street has been working with organizations such as Autism Speaks and Autism Self Advocacy to help reduce the stigma associated with autism spectrum disorder." Read NPR - Sesame Street Article if you want to know a little bit more about this. 

I think this is a great move for Sesame Street but also a great move for young children and their parents as well. Too often, autistic children get dismissed as unruly, or rude or etc. This campaign brings awareness to a situation that gets INTENTIONALLY overlooked. 

What's great about this, is that Sesame Street is known for bringing up social issues. I don't know if they've always been socially conscious but they're known for integrating characters on the show that have their own unique set of challenges that they've had to overcome. 

DID YOU KNOW: That in S…

Breakfast for Teachers!!

What do teachers eat for breakfast? How often do they eat breakfast? Which group of teachers eat breakfast the most? Do they eat a savory breakfast or a bootleg one? Does breakfast food depend on the content they teach? Are ELA & literacy folk more prone to donuts or are the Social Studies people? What about the electives/connections teachers? What do they eat? They seem to always have time to eat. HAHA! J/K

     Surprisingly, there isn't a whole lot of data concerning what teachers eat for breakfast. As a math teacher, I like to support things I say with data, but there just isn't a whole lot of data on the subject. Plenty of studies on children and eating, or adults and obesity but NOT MUCH TO SAY on the eating habits of educators. Every teacher knows that the quickest way to an educator's heart is through food and dry-erase markers!! But, I would say the eating habits of educators are JUST AS IMPORTANT if not more important than the eating habits of our student…

Motivation - Purpose

I came across a couple of Ted Talks that encouraged me to keep doing what I'm doing. Check em out! Both are kinda long, but well worth it.

Filial Piety and Achievement - A Teacher's Perspective

Filial piety is, "is a virtue of respect for one's father, elders, and ancestors." This is a critical tenet in ancient Confucian philosophy and has significant meaning and importance in Eastern Cultures. In a broader sense filial piety means,"means to be good to one's parents; to take care of one's parents; to engage in good conduct not just towards parents but also outside the home so as to bring a good name to one's parents and ancestors."

My premise for this blog post is, "Cultures that exhibit high degrees of filial piety tend to have more academic achievement than those that don't." I submit to you that cultures that emphasize COLLECTIVE success instead of INDIVIDUAL success tend to have more academic achievement. There is something critically and vitally important to having the generational support of immediate and extended family at home. It is not necessarily quantifiable or measurable, but I believe that this is a crucial eleme…

Breast Cancer Awareness - 5K Walk

Started off the day with some community service. My wife and I recently joined Tabernacle of Praise Church International here in McDonough, GA. Today they celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month by organizing a 5K walk. The proceeds from the walk go to a local breast cancer organization called, "Sisters by Choice." It felt great to get plugged into something great. Here is  a video clip of the balloon release.

Link:  Tabernacle of Praise Church International

Link: Sisters by Choice

Linking Social Studies to Mathematics: Tax Commissioner

I have developed a business called, "SocialMatics." My vision with SocialMatics is to seamlessly link middle grades Social Studies and Mathematics concepts so that they do not appear as separate entities or separate subjects. My vision is to explicitly link the mathematics in social studies and to explicitly link the social studies in mathematics. My goal is to help students realize that most of the things they are learning in school ARE RELEVANT and they ARE INTER-CONNECTED!! Not only that, but I want them to think about jobs in careers that use social studies AND mathematics!!

For example, here in Georgia we have an 8th Grade Social Studies standard.

This standard requires students to IDENTIFY REVENUE SOURCES FOR AND SERVICES PROVIDED BY STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS. Simple to understand right?! However, how can we connect this to mathematics??

With the adoption of Common Core, students learned about how to apply tax rates in 7th grade.

This standard requires students to US…