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No Pay for Teachers!!!

I'm not sure about other school districts but in my school district we get paid once a month. After being employed for 5 years, I've eventually learned how to budget and make that money stretch for the whole month. However, there are couple months throughout the year, that are especially long months; the month of January and the month of July.

Before we are released for Christmas break, we typically get paid in the 2nd or 3rd week of December and don't get paid again until the end of January!! That's 45 days we have to live off of one check?! 45 days to complete your holiday shopping, secure holiday travel expenses and pay your rent/mortgage for the month of January and all monthly utility expenses. SMH!! The second long month is the month of July!! Typically, June is chock full of summer professional development courses and other professional opportunities and July is the month for vacations, family reunions, weddings, baby showers, cookouts, family trips and BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING!!!

Georgia has a tax-free weekend the last weekend in July, which is a big boost for teachers looking to supply their classroom. You would think, the district would have thought of all of this, but they haven't. In July, our district switched banks, and as a result there were ALOT of unpaid teachers yesterday. There was little-to-no explanation why this occurred. Suppose for a moment, that you have online banking and set up automatic bill pay for the 31st of every month. Suppose you planned on taking your children back-to-school shopping. Suppose, like me, you scheduled to have your alternator, battery and brakes repaired on your truck because pre-planning starts next week and this is the last little bit of free-time you have before labor day weekend. Suppose for a second, that teachers ACTUALLY need their money? Now, they have live checks available for pick-up tomorrow morning starting at 8am. The district has over 4,000 teachers. What do you think this line is going to look like?!

Happy Friday! No checks for teachers!


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