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Teacher Draft

Through Twitter, I've found this SportsCenter parody from Key and Peele about teachers. I think it's hilarious. Yesterday, my wife and I joked about creating a teacher lottery. Imagine if you had the opportunity to hand pick the teachers on your team, similar to how you were chosen to play kickball on the playground during recess when you were in elementary school. Lol...feelings would be hurt.

Imagine if you were the general manager of your teacher squad and you can draft a rookie straight out of college or trade away some draft pics for the opportunity to acquire the Lebron James of Probability and Statistics!!! Lol...we wouldn't know how to act. Grade levels would be skewed. School dynamic would be polarized!! 6th or 8th grade would have the best teachers. 7th grade would get the leftovers. Lol....
What if teachers had a SportsCenter like coverage? Top 10 highlights from schools around the country. Have a Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless provide color commentary about f…