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Forged Through Fire

I'm going to show this story to my students. Hopefully, it'll make them put things in perspective. I saw this on SportsCenter and I'd like to share it.

Forged Through Fire


Yesterday, March 14th, was Pi Day. I gave the Math Department a box of oatmeal creme pies, made a Hump Day/Pi Day morning announcement, watched some Pi videos, did a hands-on Pi activity, gave out some pies to students who paid attention, and took a pie to the face with my Principal during lunch. It was a full day. My grade level chair and the school librarian took some pictures. Wished we would've made a video.

Georgia Deciding to Leave Common Core

Just the other day, Georgia passed a bill for the state to withdraw from Common Core and return control of K-12 standards to the state and local school districts. This comes after only 3 years of implementing the CCGPS, and a year after withdrawing from PARCC

Article from the AJC

Article from the Current Plus