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School Delay vs. School Closing

I'm always interested in what guides the decision-making process. Should school be closed for the day or just delayed a couple hours? Ultimately, if school is closed additional working days would have to be added on at the end of the school year. Lol....and who wants that. 

Assigning Work During School Breaks

I return to school on Monday. Kids come back Tuesday. When they return to school on Tuesday I want them to present their projects that were assigned to them during the Holiday Break. The assignment was to create a PowerPoint and a Video about One-Step Equations. For the past couple days, I've been wondering what my return would be on students that actually did the assignment. Would I have 10% of all students complete it? 20%? 30%?? What percent of students would actually be prepared to present on Tuesday? Is it unrealistic of me to expect my students to complete a PowerPoint and Video within 2 weeks? I don't think so. I'm not asking them do an unreasonable task. My intention with this assignment is challenge students to do review their notes, research the topic, be capable enough to produce a PowerPoint and savvy enough to create a video. We are a digital society. It only makes sense to incorporate digital assessments. But some of my colleagues disagree. 

Parents feel like …