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LEGO Night at BN

I work part-time at Barnes & Noble and they recently partnered with LEGO to promote their newest addition to the Lego Architecture Studio series. These Lego events were supposed to happen from July 25th - July 28th. My store wasn't scheduled to have one, but we made arrangements to go ahead and make it happen anyway. About 20-25 kids showed up, 7 or 8 parents. Everybody was engaged. Everybody had a good time. I'll definitely do it again.

State of Georgia Leaves PARCC

Got an email yesterday from John Barge stating that Georgia will no longer use the PARCC assessments for the 2014-2015 school year. It costs too much money, and we don't have the tech capability to successfully roll it out in 2014. Looks like stakeholders in the districts will create their own assessments and align those to the CCGPS.

Edweek Article