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Favorite Classroom Phrases

Lol! After reflecting on some things that I say in the classroom I might come across as kinda mean. But hey, it builds character. 
"Failure to prepare, is preparation for failure""Man up""Circle, box, star, underline, highlight your final answer""SHOW YOUR WORK""Label your units""I understand what you're saying, but then I don't understand what you're saying""It's gonna be okay""That's the lame answer. Give me the REAL answer""Does that make sense?""Keep hope alive""On to the next one""Stop being goofy""Your shirt's looking crazy right now. Tuck it in.""Stop acting brand new"

How to Talk to Girls

Great book! It's genius! Full of juicy nuggets of advice. Things I didn't learn until I was in college! This was written by a 5th grader. This can be a great advisory discussion or just something you want to pass on to a group of hormonal middle schoolers. Whatever works.