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Interactive Notebooks

First time trying it. Seeing what works and what doesn't. Some hiccups = kids don't put their names on it, kids are not using ALL of the space in the notebook. One problem here, one problem there. They're not maximizing the space. They have trouble distinguishing between notes and problems. Some don't know how to organize their work. I've taken the time to write individualized commentary in each student's notebook, but I need to show them what I want them to do inside of their notebooks. I have a document camera so it'll be easy to do. Hopefully, this will address any misunderstandings about how to use it. So far I'm seeing some good things though. 


I forgot who posted it, but earlier this week I read a blog post about "Knowing Your Why."  Great leaders know their purpose! This blogger also posted a link to a Ted talk by Simon Sinek about purpose. Simon makes the case that the most innovative companies/individuals of our time were successful not because of their products or services but because of their PURPOSE or their BELIEFS! People gravitate towards organizations/individuals that share similar belief systems. So, I showed a video about Oscar Pistorious and the engineering behind his synthetic legs and asked the kids write down their "Why's" and share with me what they feel their purpose was. I had plenty of dry erase boards, so I figured why not?! 

Ted Talk:

Oscar Pistorius:

Math in the Olympics

Great article. Great inspiration. Fruitful discussion

Inspiring Words of the Day:
"Never waste life on friction when it could be turned into momentum"
"You are not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have"
"Make measurable progress in reasonable time"

1st Day of School

Feels great to be back. First day went pretty good. Had a few operational hiccups, but as a team we adapted pretty well. Gotta distribute textbooks this week, and this will be the last year using the Holt Series. Not planning on doing a lot of teaching this week. Doing a lot of problem-solving, and establishing norms and procedures. 

This is what 120 textbooks look like.

Inspiring Words of the Day
"The atmosphere you create determines the product you produce"
"If you fail under pressure, your strength is too small"
"It's not about the reward, it's about the responsibility"

County Pep Rally for Teachers

Clayton County Public Schools here in Georgia lost their accreditation 4 years ago because of the school board. Now, the board has been replaced with new members and our superintendent reminded everybody that we should ALWAYS keep the students first. Keynote speaker was a guy named Keith Brown. Great energy, enthusiasm, and message from him. 

Once we all got back to the school, I had to scrape glue gun shrapnel off of the walls. 

All in all, a pretty productive day.
Inspiring Words of the Day: 
"You don't have to be great to get started, but to be great, you have to get started"
"United we stick, divided we're stuck"
"Chronic inconsistency is the signature of mediocrity"