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Everfi - Financial Literacy & Other Courses

Last year I was introduced to Everfi by one of my teacher colleagues. He found a great module to tie into Black History Month (306 African American History) and he shared with me how to sign up my classes and enroll in the course. It was easy! Teachers are always looking for great resources to bring into their lessons and this Black History course was a great addition to the texts and artifacts I was already using in the classroom.
I set up the course for my students to enroll and the feedback they gave me was mixed! Unfortunately, that's how a lot of students view history. They either hate it or love it! Since I liked Everfi, I found some other courses to experiment with and found some great resources dealing with Financial Literacy. Those two courses I found were Everfi Financial Literacy and Mass Mutual FutureSmart. They were great! More suitable for 8th grade and up, but it's a great way to expose students to finance! 
This year, I applied for an Everfi Microcredential in …
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Adobe Captivate - Taking the ID Plunge

I've just recently completed my second master's degree program and I'm just glad to be done with it! Lol! I think I've reached the age where I'm tired of school! I'm tired of discussion posts, peer feedback, group projects, 15-page essays...tired of it all! I'm done. People keep encouraging me to pursue a doctorate and I'm just happy to have my Saturday mornings free again!

If the PhD happens, then it happens. I'm not rushing it. Hopefully, I'll get a job offer to teach at a college or university so I can pursue a PhD at little to NO COST! I'm over 100K in student loans and I REALLY don't want to add more debt on to top of that. So we'll see!

This degree is a M.S. in Instructional Design and Online Learning from Capella University. I learned a lot of things in this program but the one drawback was the practical experience with industry standard instructional design tools. None of our instructors guided us on how to use Adobe Captivat…


Peergrade I/O

In preparation for our Fall Break (Monday, October 9th), I asked my students to craft an argumentative essay about Columbus Day. The writing prompt was, “Should we celebrate Columbus Day or not? Be sure to cite textual evidence from BOTH passages to support your claim.” Students read two articles from our Performance Assessment Workbook about Columbus Day and then they used those sources to write their first draft. For any extended writing piece, I have students organize their thinking using a graphic organizer. I’m an advocate for using the 4-Square Writing Model. There are different variations but I used one that looks like this. You can learn more about the 4-Square Model HERE
Anyway, because I printed out the 4-square model for everyone, I couldn’t print out my peer-evaluation rubric. Typically, once students craft their first-draft, I have them peer-evaluate each other’s essays. But that requires MORE paper! We have a limited number of copies, so I was thinking about …

Crowdfunding Campaign: STEM Books for Literacy

A lot of teachers already use crowdfunding platforms like DonorsChoose or Indiegogo to fund their classroom ideas. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about them so I've always been hesitant to use it. A part of me is scared of failure. I'd hate to create a big social media campaign, inform parents, notify students, and share with my staff.....and still NOT meet my fundraising goal!

Do I have enough social media capital? Do people like me enough to invest into me or my ideas?! Lol! Then after you navigate the personal barriers of self-doubt, you have to decide on a platform. There's a LOT of them out there. Then most of them don't seem catered to an educator's needs. It seems like crowdfunding is more-so for people who want to pitch their ideas on SharkTank instead of teachers who want books and copy paper for their students. You got Kickstarter, CircleUp, Adopt-A-Classroom, GoFundMe....!

Then you have to consider how are the funds ACTUALLY used?! Does the organi…

Video - The Importance of Writing

The 2017-2018 school year is almost here! The summer break is just about finished, and now I'm starting to curate some resources for my new crop of students. I've decided to create a YouTube channel with tutorial videos and you can subscribe HERE!

While collecting tutorial videos, I came across this intriguing video from CNN about the importance of writing. It's about ten minutes and definitely reminds me how important literacy is to the next generation!

The most surprising thing about this video came at the very end. There's a graphic at the end that displays the "Ten Things on Which Women/Men Judge Women/Men the Most." The data was collected by ABC News in 2013 and shows that "Grammar" is #2 on both lists!! Lol!

Let's make a big push to promote #literacy everywhere we go.

Educator Investments

We're in the process of getting our first house, and as we get closer and closer to crunch time, we have to secure the money for our down payment. As we are going through this process, I'm learning that home buying comes with its own particular language! It's crazy. It feels like we're taking a mortgage literacy course because we're hit with a new word every day!

Anyway, most people miss out on a home because they don't have the funds for the down payment. I'm looking at the few resources that I have to pull from, and since I'm an educator, I've been asked to look at my retirement funds as a source for the down payment.

I live in Georgia. Georgia educators use the Teacher's Retirement System (TRS), and you can learn more about it here. Here's the good part, "A defined benefit retirement plan (401A) relieves its members of the burden of making investment decisions and assuming the risk associated with those decisions. TRS assumes this ri…

Google Certified Educator (Level 1)

I finally made the plunge! During Google's PD Week, I registered to take the Level 1 Exam, and earlier this week I passed the test! For the next 3 years, I'm officially a Level 1 Google for Education Certified Educator! 😎

The test was a challenge but I feel better about using G-Suite products and the test forced me to think about different ways of using those tools. I'd like to take the Level 2 exam and eventually become a trainer! I'm taking the time this summer to add to my toolbox and become proficient at things that will make me more marketable. 
I've been teaching since 2009 and as I approach the 10-year mark, I realize that I need to challenge myself in new ways. I've signed up for a Web Developer Bootcamp through Udemy, I purchased a boxing membership, and I've added a few new books to my summer reading list. I think I've gotten too comfortable, so at 31 years old, I've got to reinvent myself a little bit and I think Google is a great starti…